Small Business Environmental Assistance Program- The Illinois Small Business Environmental Assistance Program helps small businesses comply with the Clean Air Act.

Technical Assistance.
Cost and Confidentiality.

On-Site Consultation Program

Technical Assistance.
Cost and Confidentiality.

Clean Break Program- The Clean Break Program is an amnesty program for small businesses in Illinois that identify violations of environmental laws and regulations and come into compliance within a reasonable time frame.

Technical Assistance.
Eligibility. ....The following violations are not eligible:

violations that pose substantial and imminent danger to public health or the environment;
violations previously identified by IEPA;
violations that are felonies;
violations deliberately commenced on or after January 1, 1996;
violations discovered by IEPA through routine inspections or citizen complaints during Clean Break; or
violations related to the cleanup of leaking petroleum tanks or hazardous waste remediation.

Cost and Confidentiality.

Site Investigation and Remediation Activities Program- The Illinois Site Investigation and Remediation Activities Program (formerly known as the Pre-Notice Site Cleanup Program) is administered by IEPA's Bureau of Land. It is designed to facilitate cleanups of "brownfields".


Leaking Underground Storage Tank Program- The Illinois Leaking Underground Storage Tank ("LUST") Program is administered by IEPA's Bureau of Land in cooperation with the Office of the State Fire Marshal ("OSFM"). Some cleanup costs associated with certain tanks may be reimbursed from monies deposited into the state's Underground Storage Tank Fund (the "LUST Fund").

Eligibility. Cost.

Small Business Financing Options for Environmental Compliance- Numerous federal, state, and local programs are available to small businesses who need assistance in meeting environmental compliance costs.

Participation Loan Programs.
Community Development Assistance Program.
Community Service Block Grant Loan Program.
Direct Loan Program. Sponsored by the Illinois Development Finance Authority, this program finances projects that will create or retain Illinois jobs.
Pollution Control Loan Guarantee Program.
Low Doc Loan Guarantee Program.
Business and Industrial Loan Program.

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