Export Offices- To help Illinois businesses gain entry to world markets, the State maintains a full-time staff in Chicago and foreign trade offices in Brussels, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Mexico City, Budapest and Warsaw.

Trade Shows.
Trade Missions.
Buyer Assistance.

Illinois Export Finance Partnership Program- The Illinois Export Finance Partnership is a joint effort between the Illinois Department of Commerce and Community Affairs (DCCA) and the Illinois Development Finance Authority (IDFA) to help small and medium-sized Illinois exporters gain access to working capital loans.

Working Capital Loan Guarantee.
Use of Funds.
U.S. Content.
Operating History.

Foreign Trade Zones- The Federal Government establishes Foreign Trade Zones. Warehousing and manufacturing businesses that import goods can locate within these zones.

"Port". A Free Trade Zone is a "port" designated by the government for duty-free entry of goods which may be stored, displayed, or used for manufacturing within the zone and re-exported without paying duties....

Lower Duties.

Example: Ford Motor Company's Torrence Avenue auto assembly plant in Chicago was designated a sub-zone of Lake Calumet's Foreign Trade Zone....

210 U.S. Zones. There are now 210 approved foreign-trade zones in U.S. port communities plus 295 associated sub-zones. More than 2600 firms use foreign-trade zones each year. (see list of foreign-trade zones in Illinois)

High Impact Businesses- The State can designate qualified businesses as "High Impact Businesses;" that is, companies that will have a high impact on bringing jobs to an area. A High Impact Business is eligible for an investment tax credit, an exemption from the state utility tax, and a state sales tax exemption on manufacturing repair and equipment repairs and replacement parts.


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