Chicago/Milwaukee Commuter Rail Extension
(Chapters 20-22)

20. High Speed Rail.

The big expense for new high speed rail service is condemnation of real estate for right of way. Existing tracks cannot be used at high speed even if they are renovated. Grade crossings are too expensive to eliminate. This is why high speed rail doesn't happen.

Inter-city rail will be medium speed if run on the current CP/Milwaukee route.....

An interstate high speed rail authority will need to be created to:

For speeds over 125 mph, trains must operate using electricity not diesel power....

21. USDOT.

The Clinton Administration is downsizing the regulatory and funding size of the Transportation Department....

22. SEWRPC Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Plan Commission

Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Plan Commission ("SEWRPC") is the Milwaukee area metropolitan planning agency funded by seven counties.... SEWPC Study

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