Chicago/Milwaukee Commuter Rail Extension
(Chapters 23-26)

23. Stations.....

24. Public Transit Benefits.....

Metra operates 501 route-miles and 1,185 miles of track. It operates the following number of stations:

The South Shore's Indiana stations are operated by the Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District (NICTD). Illinois has the following mass transit districts:

25. Metra Ridership

Weekday Averages
Carrier PeakReverseMid-day Evening Weekday
Saturday Average Sunday AverageTotal Rides
Per Week
UP North Line 19,2422,4592,582 1,679 25,9626,005 3,962139,778
System Totals229,254 9,82224,45712,987 276,52041,534 22,7701,446,906

Metra monthly tickets account for 65% of passenger trips. Ten- Ride tickets....

Metra is composed of the following counties:

The Illinois RTA was adopted by a winner-take-all referendum in which suburban opposition was overcome by a higher percentage of "yes" votes in the city.....

26. Highways.....

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